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Historical figures and landscapes

men working in a field
Six Fellows in a Field 2011 51 x 102 cm. Inquire
painting man planting wheat
Arable 2011 76 x 152 cm. Inquire
painting of man plowing a field
Plowing Fallow Fields 2011 51 x 91 cm. Inquire

Tarawera Heeni Gate Pa 2010 51 x 153 cm. Belgium.

Mataitai 2010 80 x 240 cm. Foodstuffs NZ.
Nga Potiki Mangatawa Papamoa New Zealand
Mangatawa 2010 91 x 122 cm. Tauranga Civic Collection.

Mangatawa was part of the Miles Award Exhibition at Tauranga Art Gallery early 2011.
I have now gifted this to the Tauranga City Civic Collection. It is on display at the City Library in the New Zealand room (June 2011).

Mangatawa represents the local Maori legend of the three whales. Mangatawa is the mother whale, also a place near Papamoa, a hill in the shape of a whale, sacred to Nga Potiki and quarried for ballast to build roads and wharves in the Tauranga area from the 1950's - 1980's.

The Pohutukawa tree shown in the painting, once stood at the burial site of the head of Nga Potiki Ariki (Cheif) Tamapahore. This was at the northernmost point, which was the head of the whale. This tree was removed along with the tonnes of rock, changing the land's form forever.

The three men with hammers are very different from how this place was quarried in reality. Machines and dynamite were used, often by local Maori who had no choice during tough times in the 50's and 60's in NZ. Karakia (prayer) was said for those buried over past centuries on this site before each day's work begun. Bones were removed as often as possible, but many remain in the local wharf and roads today.

Restoration 2009 76 x 152 cm sold

Working the field 2009 71 x 91 cm sold

Lunch time in the bush 2008 71 x 91 cm sold

The Field 45 x 122 cm 2008 sold.
man milking cow in new zealand
Herbert and Peter milking a cow 2008 commission sold
working man
Working man 76 x 60 cm 2007 sold

Harvestmen 91 x 66 cm 2007 commission Belgium sold

Field Workers 76 x 102 cm 2007 sold

Journey 83 x 122 cm 2007 sold

Flaxmen 51 x 102 cm 2007 sold
Click here to find out more about the history of the NZ Flax industry.

The Front Porch 76 x 76 cm 2007 sold

Toheroa 2007 76 x 101 cm 2007 sold

Tipuna Wahine (Grandmother) 2007 76 x 101 cm 2008 sold

Tin Tub 61 x 61 cm 2006 sold

Four Ladies 51 x 67 cm 2006 sold

Wash day 101 x 76 cm 2006 inquire

Woman with cow and calf 84 x 122 cm 2006 inquire

Grape Harvest 101 x 112 cm 2007 sold

Arrival 183 x 92 cm 2006 sold

The Bakers 76 x 101 cm 2007 sold

Sewing sacks 152 x 102 cm 2007 sold
Winter crop 102 x 102 cm 2007 sold
Woman feeding chooks 61 x 122 cm 2006 sold
Brothers 122 x 182 cm 2005 sold John Deere Art Collection USA.
The last sheep 122 x 182 cm 2005 sold
The Fisherwoman 2005 76 x 50 cm sold
The Milk Boys 2006  102 x 51 cm Sold
Curling 2004 76 x 102 cm sold
sweet potato (kumara) 2006 76 x 61 cm sold

Curiosity 2005 142 x 112 cm sold
Gathering 2005 91 x 66 cm sold Belgium
The Mariner 2005 76 x 101 cm sold
Reminisce 2004 61 x 76 cm sold

The Teacher 76 x 76 cm sold USA
The well 101 x 76 cm sold
St Martin's summer 2005 122 x 84 cm sold USA


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