Oranga. NZ Maori word meaning food, health, welfare, livelihood.

In this painting I have set out to capture the essence of human needs, the simple things that we will always rely on for our survival. The group is gathered close, they are Whanau (family) cooking food in the traditional Maori way of steaming in a Hangi, an oven dug into the earth.

In times of need, we always gather our family, coming closer, relying more on each other, helping each other. We will always go back to basics, stripping back the veneer to reveal what really lies within, such as going back to simple, humble traditional ways. Traditional indigenous ways have been lost in a lot of cultures around the world, giving way to the urgency for growth and technical advancement. These are things that could never and should never be held back, but when there is a price to be paid for gain, things should be carefully considered and the balance maintained.

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Oranga (stage 1)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Tuesday 18th November 2008

hangi in new zealand
Oranga (stage 2)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Thursday 20th November 2008
cooking hangi style
Oranga (stage 3)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Tuesday January 13th 2009
new zealand Maori painting
Oranga (stage 4)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Monday January 19th 2009

Bryce Brown working on Oranga
Monday January 19th 2009
artist painting maori painting
Oranga detail
Tuesday 20th January 2009

maori face from new zealand
Oranga (stage 5)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Monday January 30th 2009

woman and children
Oranga (stage 6)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Thursday February 5th 2009

new zealand Maori cooking
Oranga (stage 7)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Wednesday February 11th 2009

historic new zealand maori scene
Oranga detail (stage 7)
mother and child
Oranga (final)
122 x 152 cm (48" x 60")
Friday February 13th 2009


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