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Comments from buyers

Hi Bryce,

Yes indeed we have received "Liberty", our last co-creation (of course you did the majority of the work).
The colors are much brighter  than I thought and it's still better. I'm very happy to have suggested you to explore a new palette of colors.
A lot of new experiences are waiting for you in this new framework... The next time I will invite Willoos at home I will show him "Liberty" and ask for a his opinion. How does he feel that you were inspired by his style although keeping yours?
Considering the events in Brussels this week, the symbol of Liberty and Freedom conveyed by the painting is still stronger. This piece will forever be linked to the conviction I have that the sun always comes back after the rain. We must always trust in the future.
I have hung it beside your painting "Harvest Men". It shows the journey you've made in the last years in terms of style and composition.
Thanks a lot... I also appreciated very much that you sent me a sketch of the painting.

Best to you my friend.


Hi Mr. Brown

I found out about you from our corporate art collection at John Deere.  We had exchanged emails a few years ago.  Every time I walk by “Brothers” at the main office, I admire it.  I recently made the trip to New Zealand and searched out your work at the galleries you had listed in the towns I visited.  Both of the Kura galleries were very helpful and I bought “Autumnal Valley” in Wellington, shipping was quick and painting arrived without issue. Now you have two pieces within 1 mile of each other in Illinois, USA.


Hi Bryce, Coastal Divisions is hanging on the wall! Its brilliant! As for the book, it opened on ... page 41! I'm a beekeeper. I'm looking forward to the painting becoming part of daily life. Delivery was perfect, quick, no damage, nicely packaged, top marks. Best wishes, Els (London)

Agape is really excellent. It is beyond my expectations and I would like to congratulate you for this piece. The emotion is present, which is the most important element in art. I think you managed to translate in 2 dimensions the spirit of the Pieta. From a technical view point, your rendering of clothes with all these shadows is very good. This gave me some ideas for my next commission to you. European Collector

Painting arrived in perfect condition. I am over the moon. It is beautiful. It is a powerful scene, expressed with such care, grace and skill. Please toast yourself (and your subjects) this Xmas for your creative gifts and their natural beauty! Mother and Son will be a treasured family piece for us. NZ collector.

Having the chance to own five of your paintings, I can measure how your art has developed in the past three or four years. In addition to a better knowledge of the techniques of paintings, you build a very original mix of European and Oceanian art. I especially appreciate the strengh of some of your pieces based on warm colours and simple but powerful compositions.I can only encourage you to continue exploring your own way and your personal vision of art. Be sure I will buy others paintings to you in the future." Belgian collector.

Inspiring and interesting. love the shapes and colors.

Hi Bryce, I have received the painting! Wonderful ! This piece is really amazing. The large size really strengthens the power of the subject. I am absolutely satisfied with this commission. Be sure that this will not be the last piece that I commission to you! I hope that I will be able to follow your artistic evolution, which I can't imagine not being successful. I will try that you become a major embassador of Kiwi's Art in Belgium. All the best to you and your family.

I have received your painting 'Gathering' last week, as well as your letter of explanation. Once again, thanks a lot for answering to this special request. 'Gathering' impressed me more than I expected. I really love the intense blue of the sky that contrasts with the quite dim colour of people's clothes. I also enjoyed the peace that appears in the mother-child relation. You progressed in the mastery of details rendering. I observed in your paintings that you mainly choose to represent simple but powerful scenes, with few characters and a simplified landscape. I think that this begins to be one of the specific features of your approach and, from my point of view, you should go on exploring this way. I am not an artist myself but I have much respect for those of them who add something to the humankind by the power of creativity and originality. I think that you might be one of them. My dream would be to leave a trace in the history of art as someone who used his limited means to promote and support promising artists and especially painters. At a much more modest level, my model is Pope Jules II who supported Leonardo Da Vinci's work. You are welcome in my family if you come to Europe one day. (Collector of Bryce Brown's work, Belgium)

Hi Bryce Just wanted to let you know that we are both really delighted with our new painting. Grape Harvest looks fabulous in our home with the right balance of colour & strength. At the moment it is hanging in our family room (only because there are hooks there) but it would look fabulous either there, in our entrance or in the lounge (as intended). As you have probably guessed, this is the first major piece of art we have bought, & I we are both very pleased. Thanks again for your patience & hospitality & I look forward to when we buy our next.
Kind regards Suzanne (Collector of Bryce Brown's work - NZ)

Porcelain nude and Red nude are wonderful! Thank you for leading me into your world. I have book marked your site so I can return to it for future inspirations. Your work is so happy and I love the big earth women. Thanks for your thoughts Bryce in New Zealand! Elena

Hi Bryce I just wanted to say I still enjoy your works so much both Shy nude and cuban couple Your new work looks good too Hope one day if you come over that you will let us know so we can let you see your art in our home warm regards Emile

Dear Bryce Brown, I am a painter myself, exhibiting at absolutearts.com. After about 1 year of looking regularily through the portfolios at absolutearts.com I saw one of your paintings at the new portfolio site. I never found paintings so intriguing. The first thing that popped into my mind was: I want to have one of those. Never happened before. I am not even sure at what level they hit me so much. But that is what Art is all about. Could you tell me more about yourself and your Art ? If you think that the paintings are expression enough, that would be ok. AT first I thought about buying, but I am an artist myself. I just started painting a little bit more than a year ago. I started working on the marketing part about 2 month ago. I got an offer to exhibit from Agora Gallery in New York. But it is a commercial gallery where you pay a fee. Additionally I am participating in competitions, as far as I can get my slides done. Ugly part ! Would you consider an exchange against my paintings ? I would be very proud to have one of your paintings hanging in our 200 year old house here on Tenerife. I would love to hear from you. Regards Susanne

Hi Bryce, Well done with your show. I had a look at some of your pics and your paintings look stunning. I also joined the group...... I see that you are planning an exhibition in London in September. Where will you be exhibiting in London and I would love to be there. Let me know. It would be great to meet and catch up if you are coming to the exhibition. Best regards to you and your family. Henry (Collector of Bryce Brown's work - Scotland) PS Hope you sold many paintings at the show.

I loved the passion in your art, it's not an easy thing to move people emotionally but I have a feeling that you do so frequently bring out the best in people's emotions, again very nice art regards, Matt Nicholas.

Very interesting distortion of the human figure. What is so appealing is not only the interesting form, but the feeling, composition and interaction of the human forms with each other. Completely original and easy to relate to. Where in the world did you go to art school? Appreciative of your work, I admire your style. I bet your figures would be great in sculpture. I am an artist as well, coming into this late in life. Trying to develop my own style with the figure, you are inspiration. Thankyou! Iris Duarte

Hi Bryce, I love figurative paintings and yours are just beautiful. Keep them coming! Lauren. I take art classes once a week - nothing too serious, a bit of relief from looking after my 3yo twin boys (congratulations on your own recent arrival, Henri's gorgeous). But I am really enjoying painting and want to establish my own style, and was extremely grateful to find your page. I don't know enough about art to eloquently identify what it is that has grabbed me about your work, but I'm sure that your bold colours and flowing shapes are part of it. Your triptych "A Day Alone" is my favourite, and has inspired me to the extent that I've taken the ambitious step of buying 3 large canvases, which I plan to start attacking tomorrow morning. Thanks for giving me a starting point that I'm so very excited about, and good luck with your artistic career. I will pray that you achieve all that you dream of. Warmest regards, Tracey Bryan Brisbane, Australia

Hi Bryce, my name is Laura and I live in beautiful Qld,Australia.I came across your site whilst doing some research for a Uni art project...and was amazed when I found your site. The colours are beautiful..the textures are great...I just love your work. I am a young artist and seeing your work just inspires me to keep painting and have fun. Keep up the amazing work...I'll be back to your site in the future to see more! :)

I was just surfing and stumbled on to your site. It's wonderful and personal.I liked your work instantly myself being a fan of color, the figure and bold line. I'm an artist aswell and I live in Antigua, West Indies. My husband and I hope to have a beautiful baby too one day soon. Much blessings to you and yours. Peace, M. Borgella

Your art is just so full, brimming over with enthusiasm, sensitivity and the joy of and for life. You are so blessed. All the best to you and your lovely family for the future! Just wanted to let you know your work is much appreciated and so inspiring... takecare PEARL from Singapore

I arrived at your glorious Dunedin exhibition, The Artist's Room quite by chance today. I was outside at the intersection lights when I glanced up through the drifting rain to see your brilliant figural art beckon me up the lofty staircase. Once inside with a swig of hot coffee glancing on my lips, I found myself entering a glorious banquet of luscious, vibrant and sensuous painted themes. The application of rich patterned colour and textural finishing was so brilliant and inspirational that I came away feeling this is the hottest art in the country. I love it! Best wishes to you and your lovely family, From a passionate emerging artist, Madeleine Heenan, Dunedin, NZ.

It was great to meet and talk to you at your recent exhibition up in Auckland. Congratulations on the new addition to the family too. I have used your work with my class of Year 8 students as work to compare and contrast with other artists when talking about style and compositon. We've had great fun developing ideas for paintings of 'larger than life beach babes'and I was really happy with the work completed by students.I personally love your work. I especially like the one with cows and the city in the background. The colours were fantastic and it grabbed my interest as I was brought up on a farm and have moved up to Auckland. It just really hit home as a neat piece.I also love the dancer paintings. Am an amateur painter myself and always have a look at what you're doing to get some inspiration. All the very best with your work and thanks for being so generous in sharing your ideas and knowledge when I met you.
Kind regards Jan

I just happened on your web site while browsing the internet. Nice artwork. I really enjoyed the unity of design in your work both in the style and colors. All the best. Roland Lee





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