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Freedom (Liberty) commission
Freedom (Liberty) commission - Belgium.
Freedom was commissioned by my long-term client, Benoît. He has at least a dozen of my paintings now, half of those commissions. This painting celebrates the first-world freedom and personal freedom many take for granted. It was completed on the week of bombings in Brussels 2016.

More examples of commissions...

Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a painting. I often work with historical images and if you have something that's of interest and may like to have an original work of art based on this, let me know. I can also work with several images to create a 'montage' which I can then use to render compositions drawings.

Painting of a farm haybaling near Maungatapere Whatatiri New Zealand by Bryce brown
The Last Three 2016
60 x 120 cm
Commission set on a farm at Whatatiri, Maungatapere, New  Zealand.

Commissioned painting by Bryce Brown of Kirk Yetholm in Scotland.
Kirk Yetholm 2011
61 x 91 cm
Commission set on the Scottish border town of Kirk Yetholm, a place connected with my client's ancestry.


Herb and Peter Milking a Cow
90 x 122 cm
Based on this photo of Peter and his Dad Herbert. Photo by Peter's mum.

Héléne's Harvest 61 x 76
Based on several images including the above, supplied by my client in Belgium.

Thomas family 61 x 76 based on several images, supplied by my client in Auckland, NZ. I also used a photo of myself pruning roses to work into the composition.

The male head of the family; the father figure. Paterfamilias is the Latin for father of the household.
Pater Familias commissioned for a collector in Belgium. Finished painting is 102 x 51 cm.
Definition in basic terms: The male head of the family; the father figure. Paterfamilias is the Latin for father of the household.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting and want to know more, please send me an email.



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