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New Zealand 

painting by contemporary figure artist bryce brown men working in a field
Organico by Bryce Brown

figures in landscape painting by bryce brown

Field of Greens by Bryce Brown

Bryce Brown Artist

Contemporary figure paintings capturing the boldness of the modernists and the grace of the masters.

Bryce's figurative landscape paintings are in collections in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Australia, Scotland, Canada, also in the John Deere Art Collection in Illinois USA amongst artists such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Rufino Tamayo and Grant Wood.

Bryce Brown ArtistBryce Brown painting Organico 2017

Read more about Bryce here or see his available work and prices here.

Visit Bryce's Bay of Plenty studio

"Bryce is an artist who moves forward in leaps from one painting to the next capturing the essence of his subjects in a distinctive style that is powerful yet subtly moving."

- Denis Robinson.

Editor of New Zealand’s Favourite Artists

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